Case Studies

Lori Lehr Inc. has helped numerous communities navigate the Community Rating System and more. See below for a selection of case studies.

colorful houses built up on stilts in Munroe County FL

Recent Studies

Dunedin City CRS

After three years of hard work Dunedin retains their CRS rating of Class 5 for the 3-year cycle verification on March 30, 2023 and is on track for Class 4 for the next cycle. Flood insurance holders in Dunedin receive automatic CRS premium discounts of 25%. Quoting from the attached email: “This superb rating puts Dunedin in the top 11.6% and only 25 of 1,504 communities nationally hold a higher rating, and in Florida, only 5 communities hold a higher rating.  More importantly, this entitles Dunedin policy holders to a hefty 25% premium discount.  Specifically, there are 3,399 flood insurance policies in effect in Dunedin.  The average policy premium for property in flood areas is reduced by $325 annually where risk and premiums are higher and $54 annually in areas of lower risk for a total savings to policy holders in Dunedin of approximately $900,000 each year!”

Monroe County CRS

Due to Monroe County’s efforts over the past five years in the voluntary Community Rating System (CRS), most of the nearly 14,400 National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policyholders in unincorporated Monroe County are expected to receive new automatic CRS premium discounts of 35 percent beginning April 1, 2022. This is an increase from the current 25 percent discount. Originally thought to be classified as a Class 4, the County will be designated as a Class 3. The CRS rewards communities that take actions exceeding the minimum NFIP requirements to protect people and property from flooding. Read More on the Monroe County Website

Annual CRS Floodplain Management Plan Reports:

Monroe County FEMA Mitigation Reconstruction Projects:

Communities I've Assisted

Communities Current Class Previous Class
Monroe County 3 5
Port St. Lucie 5 8
Boynton Beach 5 6
Hillsborough County 5 5
City of Bonita Springs 5 6
City of Dunedin 5 6
City of Key West 5 7
Lee County 5 5
Charlotte County 5 5
Village of Estero 6 8
Village of Islamorada 6 7
Town of Palm Beach 6 7
Santa Barbara County, CA 6 6
City of Marathon 6 6
Town of Jupiter Island 7 6
City of Key Colony Beach 8 8

My Watershed Master Planning Projects

Martin County
City of Pensacola
Monroe County
Boynton Beach
Orange County

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